Half Letter Discbound | Frosted White Quarterly Dividers with Gold Foil

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Whether you are business planning, managing quarterly projects or personal growth goals, our quarterly top tab dividers are a staple for organizing your quarterly objectives.

Available in our Signature 5.5" x 8.5" size, our exclusively designed dividers allow you to create separate sections for each Quarter (every three months) within your planner.
If you love modern, minimal aesthetics, then you'll love these dividers! 


  • 5.5" x 8.5" page size
  • Hole punched to coordinate with our 8-disc planner system
  • 4 Gold Foil Stamped Top Tab Dividers
  • Each tab is labeled Q1 through Q4


  • Easily locate and turn to your quarterly plans
  • These translucent frosted dividers are understated, elegant and modern.
  • Our dividers are durable enough to be removed and rearranged as needed without losing their shape. 


  • Organize quarterly plans in an designated area that is easy to reference when planning the months ahead
  • These frosted dividers can also serve as an additional surface to place sticky note reminders or extra page flags to on the go! 

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