Discbound Accessories | Rosé Aluminum Discs

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Disc bound planners are the most versatile way to add-and-remove pages and flip your notebook around just like a spiral-bound notebook.

Discs can be swapped out or mixed and matched to your liking and hold up well to everyday use! 


  • Lightweight, high-polished metal
  • Exclusive Rosé metallic colorway 
  • Available in quantities of 8 discs per pack
  • Available in your choice of 1" or 1.5" widths
  • Arrives packaged in a reusable zip top pouch ––perfect for storing odds and ends in your bag or in your desk drawer!

Size Recommendations

If you like storing one quarter or 6-months of contents in your planner at a time along with additional notes sections, then a 1" diameter is a great option for you! 

If you like to keep your planner packed with all of your necessities along with a full year of planning essentials, then a 1.5" diameter is your jam! 

 Additional accessories sold separately.

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